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Allocated Products

The following items are considered "allocated" products which means 802Spirits is allocated a certain number of bottles and cannot special order more of them.  There is no need to special order these items as they will be sent directly to our stores when available. Please check with your local Retail Agency for availability. 

Highly allocated products are categorized as Rare and Unusual Spirits. These are products that are allocated to the State in an amount that is insufficient for general distribution, and for which an extraordinary level of public demand exists. As such, these rare spirits are generally distributed once or twice a year and sold through a raffle or sweepstakes.  Both consumers and licensees have an opportunity to win a chance to purchase a bottle during the raffle and sweepstakes events. 

CODE Brand Size
21248 1792 High Rye Bourbon 750ML
21236 1792 Small Batch Bourbon 750ML
021242 1792 Sweet Wheat Bourbon 750ML
016567 Angels Envy Cask Strength Bourbon 750ML
027380 Angels Envy Finished Rye 750ML
21482 Benchmark Bourbon 1.75L
21480 Benchmark No. 8 Bourbon 750ML
16850 Blanton's Single Barrel Bourbon 750ML
18006 Buffalo Trace Bourbon 750ML
018014 Buffalo Trace Experimental Collection 375ML
89164 Don Julio 1942 Tequila 750ML
89175 Don Julio Anejo Tequila 750ML
21600 E.H. Taylor Barrel Proof Bourbon 750ML
21602 E.H. Taylor Jr. Small Batch 750ML
27101 E.H. Taylor Jr. Straight Rye Whiskey  750ML
21589 E.H. Taylor Single Barrel  750ML
17766 Eagle Rare Bourbon 10YR 750ML
016086 Early Times Bottled in Bond LITER
17917 Elijah Craig Barrel Proof 750ML
17920 Elijah Craig Single Barrel 18YR 750ML
17913 Elijah Craig Toasted Barrel 750ML
17946 Elmer T. Lee Bourbon 750ML
018361 Four Roses Small Small Batch LTD ED  750ML
5238 Glen Moray 15YR Scotch 750ML
5971 Glen Moray 18YR Scotch 750ML
6000 Glen Moray 21YR Scotch 750ML
015960 Hibiki 12YR Whiskey 750ML
015980 Hibiki Harmony Whiskey  750ML
026352 Jack Daniel's 10YR 750ML
026239 Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Rye Barrel PR Special Release 750ML
005427 Lagavulin 12YR 750ML
005426 Lagavulin Distillers Edition 750ML
6016 Lagavulin Offerman Ed Finished in Guiness Cask 750ML
018860 Larceny Barrel Proof 750ML
86582 Legent Bourbon 750ML
24574 Little Book Chapter 4 750ML
19494 Maker's Mark 46 Cask Strength 750ML
19497 Maker's Mark Wood Finishing Series 2021 750ML
027147 Michters Barrel Strength Rye 750ML
19880 Michter's Small Batch Bourbon 750ML
16369 Old Fitzgerald 8YR 750ML
022036 Old Weller Antique 107 750ML
021279 Rock Hill Farms Bourbon 750ML
21540 Stagg Jr. Kentucky Straight Bourbon 750ML
86490 Thomas S. Moore Cask Finish Cabernet Sauvignon 750ML
86492 Thomas S. Moore Cask Finish Chardonnay 750ML
86494 Thomas S. Moore Cask Finish Port 750ML
22027 Weller 12YR Bourbon LITER
22042 Weller CYPB 750ML
22044 Weller Full Proof 750ML
22046  Weller Single Barrel  750ML
21986 Weller Special Reserve 7YR 750ML
015996 Yamazaki 12YR Single Malt 750ML