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Gift Cards

The Division of Liquor Control now offers Gift Cards!


1. What is the balance of my gift card? 
Go to

2. What can I purchase with my 802Spirits gift card? 
Spirit alcohol in the state of Vermont at an authorized 802Spirits liquor store

3. Can I use a gift card at all Vermont Liquor Agencies? 
Yes. The Gift card can be purchased and redeemed at any location.

4. Will there be an expiration date on the Gift Card? 
No. There will not be an expiration date on the Gift Card.

5. Do you need to be 21 or over to purchase a Gift Card? 
No. Any individual can purchase a Gift Card, but you must be 21 or over to redeem the Gift Card.

6. Can I redeem my gift card for cash? 
Only on demand of the card holder if the card balance is less than $1.00